Refrigerated carrier C. R. England has announced it will replace some existing diesel trucks serving the southern California market with LNG powered rigs.

All will be powered using the new Cummins Westport 12-liter spark ignited ISX model engine.

In making the announcement it said the region is “the most mature market for natural gas on-highway transportation in the United States.”

The Utah-based company says it has also signed a multi-year liquefied natural gas bulk fueling agreement with Shell.

"We believe natural gas is the best alternative fuel to diesel currently available for long-haul Class 8 trucks,” said Zach England, Chief Operating Officer of C.R. England. “In addition to reducing emissions, we believe there is the potential to reduce fuel costs and operate trucks that run quieter than those using diesel."     

The company says it believes LNG has the potential to offer significant fuel cost savings compared to conventional diesel.  

“It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from production to use, compared to conventional diesel and bio-diesel in new engines,” it said in a release. “Burning LNG in spark-ignited engines is quieter than burning diesel in combustion engines. LNG-fueled trucks can operate for longer where noise restrictions apply, for example delivering to supermarkets in residential areas.”