The New York Thruway has installed the first-in-the-nation Doppler-radar-enhanced LED signs to alert wrong way drivers before they enter the Niagara Expressway, also known as I-190, at the southbound exit 9 off-ramp in Buffalo.

The signs, which were developed in-house by New York State Thruway Authority staff, will also be installed at exit 10 on I-87/I-287 in Nyack, where wrong way drivers have entered and caused serious accidents in the past, according to the Thruway Authority.

Doppler radar is used to detect vehicles traveling the wrong way and when identified, the sign flashes a customized LED message to alert the drivers of their error and instruct them to pull over and turn around when it is safe to do so. The sign will also trigger automatic alerts to other drivers on the Thruway’s variable message sign system, and automatically alert the Thruway’s Statewide Operations Center.

This technology will be expanded to several other locations along the 570-mile route.