During the week of Dec. 2, CK Commercial Vehicle Research will be facilitating an online best practice forum for heavy-duty trucking fleets. This will be an opportunity for them to share ideas about equipment, technology, spec'ing options, maintenance practices and outstanding service issues. 

They can ask questions of and receive answers from others in the industry who may offer advice and suggestions. The identity of all participants, those submitting questions and those offering recommendations, will be kept confidential.

Fleet representatives who would like to submit questions to the forum can go to http://ckcvr.com/best-practice-online-forum. All the questions received will be accumulated and circulated in an online questionnaire for others to offer suggestions where they have input. Responses that are received will be collected and re-circulated to all those participating in the forum (both asking and answering questions).

A sample of questions that have been addressed in previous best practice forums facilitated by CKCVR include:

  • The benefit of lightweight specs.
  • Are drivers really able to get the benefit of improved mpg with 13-liter engines?
  • Are tire inflation monitoring systems beneficial?
  • What specs are included on equipment to improve fuel efficiency?
  • Consideration and success of alternative fuels.
  • Experience with 2010 engine technology.
  • 5th Wheel plate lubrication – recommendations.