Mike McGrath, an automotive and heavy-duty industry leader for the past 25 years, passed away suddenly on Oct. 11, at the age of 54.  
McGrath joined SKF in 1993 and held the position of president of the SKF Vehicle Service Market, North America Business Unit during the past seven years.  
McGrath was an active member of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, the Automotive Warehouse Distributor Association, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association and the Aftermarket Hall of Fame, as well as a regular participant in several other industry associations.

In a statement from SKF, the company said, "Mike was highly respected and admired by his friends and colleagues throughout SKF and the automotive and heavy duty industries. Most point to his leadership, generous spirit and gracious personality as traits that will be greatly missed."

He is survived by his three children, Jenna, Michael and Jaclyn.