A recent Detroit Free Press story about Michigan having permit fees for overweight that are much less than neighboring states has caught the attention of Gov. Rick Snyder.

The story noted the state charges $50 for trucks that are far beyond the federal Interstate weight limit of 80,000 and it hasn’t increased in 16 years. Last year Michigan issued nearly 7,000 of these permits raising $2.7 million, while in Ohio, where overweight truck permits cost double, such fees brought in almost $21 million.

Critics of the Michigan fee claim the money the permits generate is not enough to help pay for damage done to roadways by extra-heavy loads and that fines for overweight trucks without permits don’t go for roadwork but rather to the local library system where the fine was issued.

While Snyder isn’t saying how the fees should be increased, two key state House members, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, say things need to change.

So far the Michigan Trucking Association isn’t pushing back against such talk, saying it’s willing to work with lawmakers about any possible changes.