Mitchell 1 has developed an online test to be utilized during SuperTech skills competitions which are being administered by more and more state trucking associations. The new online test was initially created in support of Oregon’s 2013 SuperTech competition this month, and expands Mitchell 1's ability to support additional skills competitions being administered by other state trucking associations.
Mitchell 1's online service information solutions for the trucking industry have been utilized at the state and national level since the inception of the SuperTech competitions. The test measures the contestant’s ability to diagnose a problem and determine the proper fix using Mitchell 1 software, including for repair information and for diagnostics.
Typically, SuperTech contestants must test from a computer at the event. Now, with the deployment of the new online test site, competitors can take the test from any computer with Web access during the time frame established by the state organizers. Once logged on to the test site, the contestant has 20 minutes (uninterrupted) to complete the test. At the conclusion of the test period, Mitchell 1 sends all results to the state SuperTech committee to be included in the competitor's final score.
Mitchell 1 encourages state committees to utilize this testing method for the Service Information portion of their competition. Online testing reduces the amount of total time required for each technician to complete a full rotation of skills testing, potentially permitting more technicians to compete and providing organizers more flexibility in their event scheduling. Any state interested in pursuing Mitchell 1's online testing for their SuperTech competitions should contact