Procter & Gamble is extending its commitment to a more sustainable supply chain by becoming one of the first large shippers to convert a significant percentage of its for-hire truck loads to natural gas.

Beginning in July 2013, P&G will work with eight transportation carriers to convert up to 20% of its North America truck load shipments to natural gas vehicles within two years.

By meeting this goal, it is expected P&G will incur savings for the converted lanes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 5,000 metric tons (or the equivalent GHG emissions from 1,000 passenger vehicles for a year).

P&G's commitment to the carriers will convert approximately 7% of the company's North America for-hire transportation network to natural gas-powered trucks during the initial phase.

This will be delivered in 16 states with an average length of haul over 280 miles, including two 1,000 mile truck lanes.