Power Solutions International, Inc. has a new agreement with AMP Holding, Inc. to supply powertrain options for all of the company's Workhorse Chassis models. AMP chassis are used in a variety of Class 3 - 6 on-highway applications, most commonly for medium-duty delivery trucks.

In March 2013, AMP Holdings acquired Workhorse Custom Chassis, LLC from Navistar. The acquisition of the Workhorse brand and assembly plant in Union City, Ind. made the company an OEM of medium-duty truck chassis in the 10,200 to 25,800 GVW class.


PSI will equip the chassis models with fuel-flexible, certified powertrains utilizing GM 4.8-liter and 6.0-liter engines. The systems will be capable of running on gasoline, compressed natural gas and propane using PSI's proprietary controls.

"This AMP agreement marks another significant step for PSI in developing its on-highway program," said PSI President and CEO Gary Winemaster.

PSI began moving beyond its industrial focus in 2012 with the introduction of a newly designed 8.8-liter "big block" engine designed for on-highway applications. This year, the company continued its progress with a multi-year supply agreement with GM to sell 4.8-liter and 6.0-liter engines for on-highway use.

The new agreement enabled PSI to offer alternatively-fueled, certified powertrains for the full range of Class-4 through Class-7 applications, including delivery trucks and municipal bus fleets.

"AMP is committed to pushing the fleet industry forward," said AMP president, Martin Rucidlo. "This collaboration with PSI will help us do that by offering a full range of cost-effective, alternative-fuel engines designed for today's market."

With propane, CNG, gasoline and electric options, AMP has positioned itself as a chassis OEM able to provide fleet customers with purpose built solutions for their specific needs and requirements, Rucidlo added.

For more information on PSI, visit www.psiengines.com.

For additional information visit www.ampelectricvehicles.com.