Heavy duty truck fleet managers can now choose between two fuel card options from U.S. Bank: the U.S. Bank Over The Road Card and U.S. Bank Over The Road Plus Card. While both cards offer nationwide acceptance, robust misuse prevention, enhanced data capture and comprehensive reporting for class 7-8 vehicles, the Over The Road Plus Card adds flexibility to manage additional expenditures on a single card via the MasterCard network.

The U.S. Bank Over The Road Card allows secure fuel and additive purchases at thousands of truck stops and retailers. As a third party card processing network, U.S. Bank captures the pertinent purchase data, including preferred pricing or discounts that have been negotiated. Standard pump prompts gather odometer readings and vehicle identification numbers, and fleet managers can select up to five additional prompts to meet their validation needs.

The U.S. Bank Over The Road Plus Card offers all of the features found on the U.S. Bank Over The Road Card, plus additional benefits, including convenience checks to use where cards are not accepted and the ability to disburse cash advances, pre-approved per diems and funding for emergency repairs. The U.S. Bank Over The Road Plus Card empowers fleet managers to set limits on fuel type, gallons per fill up and other parameters. A distinctive new addition further allows funding of single purchases for specific dollar amounts to be paid within a precise timeframe. This provides an additional layer of security and cost control while saving time for drivers and managers alike.

“By offering a choice of Over The Road card solutions, we are giving fleet managers flexibility to find the right fit for their unique needs,” said Lynn Heitman, senior product and marketing officer for U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems. “Our Over The Road network delivers reliable performance and unique features backed by the financial stability and payment expertise of one of America’s strongest banks.”

The Over The Road card program is part of a suite of fuel and maintenance solutions offered by U.S. Bank to serve the full spectrum of fleet clients, from cars to heavy duty trucks. For more information, call 1 (866) 274-5898 or email intouchwithus@usbank.com.