The National Tank Truck Carriers launched the William A. Usher, Sr. Award during its 65th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas to recognize excellence within the professional tank truck driver community. 

This program recognizes professional tank truck drivers and independent contractors who serve the industry with the most reliable and safe transportation of liquid and dry bulk commodities. The Usher Award furthers the NTTC’s mission to champion safety and success in both the tank truck community and the people they serve.  The association believes this new program will help promote improved safety among all drivers, advance the association’s strategic plan, and strengthen its safety committee.

The award name pays homage to William A. Usher, Sr. from Usher Transport, Inc. for his extensive career in and service to the tank truck industry.

"I am thrilled the NTTC is launching this timely and essential program to honor our professional tank truck drivers," said NTTC Chairman Jim Shaeffer. “A recognition program of this nature is long overdue at the NTTC. We strongly feel that by properly thanking our drivers as our most important asset in the industry, we help to sustain our future driver work force, thus strengthening our businesses and the economy at-large.”

Eight finalists will be selected, but only one champion driver will ultimately win the prestigious Usher Award during the NTTC 66th Annual Conference next year in Las Vegas. This individual will be selected for his or her abilities to operate safely and professionally, demonstrated leadership abilities within his or her own company, and the candidate’s contributions to the industry and community. During the champion’s one-year term, The Usher Award winner will serve as the NTTC spokesperson for the industry and will attend many NTTC events.

NTTC member Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. is the official sponsor of the award.

Baldwin & Lyons’ Vice President of Sales Matt Thompson stated, “We believe that recognition programs such as this further solidify tank truck drivers’ status as best-in-class throughout the industry. We are proud to help establish an award to honor these safe and reliable drivers.”