3Gtms, a developer of transportation software products, announced it has completed a merger with Transite Technology, a developer of transportation management systems.

Retaining the 3Gtms name, the unified company will operate under the direction of 3Gtms CEO Mitch Weseley. This will ensure that the combined company will have the resources needed to build upon Transite’s existing software solutions.

Many more modules will be added over the next few years.

The name, 3Gtms, signifies the third generation of transportation management systems.

The first generation fulfilled domestic needs, which were primarily used to manage trucking, while the second addressed the complexities inherent in handling all freight, all functions, all geographies and all modes.

3Gtms will build a third-generation TMS to satisfy the needs of the small and middle markets that do not need the extreme complexity of features found in today’s TMS systems, but require a more user-friendly, streamlined TMS that is highly flexible and delivers a faster time to value.