Lehigh Gas Partners LP, a wholesale fuel distributor, and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced an agreement to develop compressed natural gas fueling stations at potentially 20 Lehigh Gas facilities throughout the United States.
The two companies will work together to identify Lehigh Gas sites on which to construct CNG fueling stations. The CNG stations will be accessible to the public for CNG refueling and conveniently located for commercial CNG fleets, including shuttles, taxis, small- to mid-size trucks and other natural gas vehicles.

Clean Energy will be responsible for the construction and operation of the CNG fueling stations and the management, marketing and sales of CNG at Lehigh Gas sites.
Priced up to $1.50 less per gasoline-gallon equivalent than diesel fuel (based on current market conditions), the use of natural-gas fuel reduces costs significantly for vehicle and fleet owners and lowers greenhouse-gas emissions up to 23% in medium- to heavy-duty vehicles, according to Clean Energy.