Meritor Wabco's Electronically Controlled Air Suspension is available for both OEM installation and aftermarket retro-fit. For those fleets that are already using 6X2 vehicle configurations for weight and fuel savings, ECAS provides “intelligent load transfer” to help improve traction and reduce tire wear.

“The positive feedback from fleet and OEM customers on the ECAS system prompted us to create a retrofit package, enabling existing 6x2 vehicles to benefit from the immediate improvements ECAS offers,” said Pat Kealy, director, aftermarket, Meritor Wabco. “This product could greatly accelerate the adoption of 6x2 tractors in North America, giving OEMs and fleets an achievable benefit in fuel savings.”

Meritor Wabco says ECAS addresses long-standing fleet concerns regarding 6x2 tractor applications by providing enhanced traction capability, improved drive axle tire wear, reduced parasitic loss, and further weight savings. It also potentially increases vehicle re-sale value, the company says.

In addition to improving traction when a single drive axle is used in a tandem configuration, ECAS also provides accurate, electronic ride height control, and faster coupling/uncoupling due to faster inflating/deflating of air suspension compared to mechanical leveling valves.

More than 3 million Wabco ECAS systems have been sold worldwide and Meritor WABCO has adopted the product to meet the growing interest in North America for the tractor, motor coach and bus markets.

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