Through its Truckload Academy, the Truckload Carriers Association recently launched The Highly Effective Fleet Manager, an online certificate program that focuses on business, leadership, communication, and coaching skills for fleet and driver managers.

Andrew Winkler, director of operations for Grand Island Express, Inc., Grand Island, Neb., is the first person to complete it.

“The program did a great job of getting our team refocused on the core functions of trucking operations that drive business results,” said Winkler. “Operations is so fast-paced and hectic that it’s easy to lose sight of bottom line results when we’re just covering freight and trying to survive the day or the week. This program gave clarity and transparency on how the fleet manager’s day-to-day actions translate to the company’s direct bottom line.”

The Highly Effective Fleet Manager is divided into seven modules that cover a wide variety of topics, including the role of the fleet manager as a business leader and tactics for ensuring top performance from drivers. Winkler said that he found the material to be easily understood, adaptable to almost any fleet or operation, and reasonably priced.

Now that he has received his certificate, Winkler plans to send his entire operations team through the program.