SC&RA's Specialized Transportation Symposium is set to be held Feb. 27 through March 1 in Orlando, Fla.
They expect that approximately 400 domestic and international industry executives, managers, manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and U.S. Federal and State Transportation Officials will be in attendance.

The four U.S. regional associations of transportation officials responsible for the rules, regulations and permitting procedures surrounding the transport of oversize and overweight loads in their states will be meeting all day Feb. 26 and the morning of the 27th. These four entities are; the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation, the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials, Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials.

Also on the morning of Feb. 27 the Transportation Group Committees will meet including; the Truck Permit Policy Committee, Transportation Safety Education & Training Committee and Pilot Car Task Force. All registrants are welcome to attend the committee meetings.

The symposium includes a variety of programs geared to cover the major issues facing the oversize/overweight transportation industry. The major categories include safety, regulation, harmonization, productivity, legal issues, operations, growth, profitability and human resources.

Gregory M. Cohen, president of the American Highway Users Alliance will open the conference with his presentation entitled, "2013 and Beyond-Transportation and Infrastructure Realities and Needs." The session will include information on regulatory and financial realities played against the backdrop a decaying infrastructure that is limiting how permitted cargo can be moved. Cohen will also cover how the state and Congressional actions and inactions are affecting specialized transport.

Robert Moore, chief legal counsel of insurance carrier NBIS, will present "Ten Essential Points to Operate Efficiently, Safely, Legally and Profitably." Moore's focus will be to encourage participants to consider specific changes that can be implemented immediately to protect a carrier and its employees.

"The Regional Executives Update" program will be conducted by four State Highway Administrators providing their views on key industry issues in areas of enforcement, uniformity of weight limits/equipment requirements, permitting procedures, hours of operation and pilot car requirements. The presenters will be Carol Davis, Texas Department of Transportation (WASHTO); Glenn Rowe, Pennsylvania DOT (NASTO); Tammy Denning, North Carolina DOT (SASHTO); and Angela Woodward, Indiana, Department of Revenue (MAASTO).

"Evaluating Your Driver Recruitment Process" is a session designed to help companies ensure they do appropriate background checks to determine that their driver pool is in compliance with federal safety regulations. The program will be conducted by Lana Batts and Billie Lee, co-presidents of Driver IQ, located in Tulsa, Okla.

Douglas Ball, SC&RA's vice president of transportation will give a presentation entitled, "What Have You Done for me Lately? Industry Problems, Priorities and Goals." Ball will address the issue of "harmonization" of state permitting requirements and enforcement. What has the association accomplished on these issues in the last 12 months and what are the issues to be pursued and objectives for 2013?

"Safety Programs Require Focus and Planning" will be covered by Pete Trimble, director of corporate safety and claims of Keen Transport. Trimble will discuss how an organization can establish a viable safety attitude and outline a checklist of the key items that should be included in your company's safety program.

Jeff Davis, certified director of safety, of Fleet Safety Services LLC will discuss, "Tying It Together - Your Safety Program and the "Compliance, Safety and Accountability Program. Protecting Your Revenue Base - The Business Aspect of CSA." In his interactive presentation, he will cover the ways shippers, brokers, insurance underwriters and others use CSA scores and how carriers can incorporate CSA strategies in their operations to control their scores.

The closing session of the symposium will be the presentations of the SC&RA 2012 Hauling Jobs of the Year Winners. Participants will see how the world's largest flood sector gates were moved with each measuring 130 feet long, by 120 feet wide by 32 feet high and weighing 690 tons. A second winning entry moved coke drums over 500 miles that are 47 feet long, 25 feet in diameter and weigh 410,150 pounds. Finally, in the under 160,000 pound class, the winner moved compressors weighing 140,000 pounds which are 44 feet long by 19 feet wide and 12 feet 10 inches high more than 2000 miles.

Attendees will also be able to meet with more than 35 exhibitors presenting the most advanced products and services to support the over-dimensional transportation industry.

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