The NAFA fleet association raised more than $8,000 for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

When NAFA's Executive Director, Phillip E. Russo, CAE, first saw the images of destruction from Hurricane Sandy on the news, he knew the association had to help. In the days that followed, NAFA began accepting donations for relief efforts. Between NAFA's own contribution of $3,200 (one hundred dollars for each of NAFA's 32 chapters), contributions from NAFA chapters, and those from industry partners, a total of $8,300 was raised.

Municipal and state fleet managers were instrumental in the recovery efforts. From the equipment used to push sand back towards the shoreline to the emergency vehicles, which helped saved lives, the value that fleet managers provide to communities was more than apparent.

"There are moments, such as during a hurricane, when fleet managers are forced to head into the phone booth and turn into Superman," said Russo. "Whether it's having the right vehicles for rescue efforts or making sure their vehicles are safe, fleet managers are the unsung heroes in moments like these. Businesses and rescue squads can't afford to be waiting in line for fuel during emergencies; it's up to the fleet manager to ensure they are prepared for whatever crisis comes their way."

The money raised by NAFA has been distributed to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, with special instructions that the funds are to be used solely for hurricane victims.