More than 160 top-level executives and managers from the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network member companies and their supplier partners recently attended the CVSN Summit in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The Summit had five speakers. Michael Broome opened the meeting as the keynote speaker. He entertained the group with his message on how to use the stress from everyday adversity as a positive motivator for change.

Bob DeStefano held a session on managing websites to help differentiate your businesse from the competition and drive customers to your business. Gene Marks talked about the upcoming macro-challenges that face our industry.

Finally, Jim Pancero gave a presentation on how to sell so that price is not the defining issue. He talked about the selling process and how to get the customer to recognize what you offer beyond price. The practice of sales people moving to price too quickly results in lost opportunities to gain business or at least increase margins.

Another event was the giving of the CVSN Centennial Cup Award. This award is given to CVSN members who have been in business for at least 100 years. The award winners were:
- Betts Truck Parts
- CRW Parts Inc.
- Frey Heavy Duty
- Midwest Wheel Companies
- Mutual Wheel Company
- Pioneer Rim & Wheel Company
- Six Robblees' Inc.

The Summit always has three main objectives:

1. Offer educational sessions focused on issues facing aftermarket heavy duty distributors that will result in information and meaningful take-aways for the distributor to consider for implementation in their business.

2. Provide opportunities for networking with other distributors on best practices that can enhance attendee's ability to make positive changes in their business strategies and tactics

3. Give suppliers and distributors an opportunity to interact individually and as a group to solve problems and explore opportunities.

The 2013 CVSN Aftermarket Distribution Summit will be held in Santa Rosa, Calif., Sept. 15-18.