Averitt Express driver Stuart Goldberg, of Arlington, Texas, has been named the August Trucker Buddy of the Month by Jocelyn Murphy-Stout, social studies chair for Egg Harbor City Community School in Egg Harbor, N.J.

According to Murphy-Stout, Trucker Buddy Goldberg helps the students learn about a different area in the United States, one that has different climate, the Texas State Fair and different Texas sports teams. There is a huge map of Texas in their classroom where the students follow the different cities he has mailed their letters.

The students have been "introduced to the concepts of eminent domain and the effects of the droughts on the Texas ranchers," says Murphy-Stout.

"Mr. Goldberg's letters are always informative and always age-appropriate for the students. Mr. Goldberg communicates with the sixth, seventh and eighth grade social studies classes at Egg Harbor City Community School. The students love to receive his letters," remarks Murphy-Stout.

One of the students writes, "He gives a lot of effort in writing us postcards, letters and cards." The class put Goldberg's letters on a big screen.

He has also taught the students a lot about the trucking industry, including places he had driven and informing them about some of the types of goods he hauls. "Some of the students have expressed an interest in trucking as a career. He has given them a wider perspective on what they can do with their lives," says Murphy-Stout.

"He is always going the extra mile," one student says, "Mr. Goldberg includes pictures in his letters to explain things we wouldn't understand otherwise. Whenever we send him letters, he takes the time to read every single one of them."