ICT Holdings announced plans to open satellite offices in strategic locations across the country, with the first one opening in Fayetteville, Ark.

In Fayetteville there is a sales office at the moment, but the plan is to open a warehouse to expand its services, while also opening other locations in different regions.

Also, ICT's repair and parts facility in Glendale Heights is now open for business for all truck drivers.

"By opening up these offices we can assist a regional driver who, for example, has to get a load to Los Angeles from New Jersey," says Patrick Sacor, CEO and chairman of ICT Holdings Inc. "A load could travel from New Jersey to Chicago and then be picked up by another driver to go from Chicago to Arkansas and then from Arkansas to Texas and finally Los Angeles. That way all of the drivers could be home within a couple of days or for the weekend,

"One of the big concerns within the industry is reducing driver fatigue by making the hauls shorter, and opening this regional office does that."

In addition to the satellite offices, ICT has now opened its repair and parts facility to the general public. The 22-bay garage, located in Glendale Heights, Ill., has been open since April 2012, but has been exclusively servicing ICT's own fleet or its independent truck drivers that are working for ICT. ICT recently hired more mechanics and decided to open the facility to other independent drivers and companies

ICT's facility combines a driver lounge, repair facility, dispatch center, parts center and truck leasing and selling all in one location. ICT has its own fleet of trucks and drivers, but also works with independent owner-operators to transport goods across the country.