Schneider National recently entered the fast-growing energy transportation services business, supporting the movement of base materials to and from oil well sites across the U.S.

According to George Grossardt, vice president and general manager for Schneider National Bulk carriers, the company hauled its first energy-related load in June of 2011 after making a significant investment in a fleet of specialty tractors and trailers (pneumatic bulk trailers and liquid tankers) needed to serve energy exploration sites.

While most local and regional carriers serving the market are focusing on moving materials either into or out of well sites, Schneider provides both inbound and outbound services.

"We're keeping well sites supplied with sand, cement and chemicals as well as moving condensate (natural gas) and crude oil to market," Grossardt noted.

Schneider's Energy Transportation Services business has also grown quickly; in addition to handling both dry and liquid bulk shipments, the company also provides supply chain management services for a major energy producer.

The current energy business in the U.S. is centered in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota. Currently, Schneider National is serving customers in all of these markets.