Concirrus, a provider of telemetry and M2M solutions, and CMS SupaTrak, one of the United Kingdom's providers of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, will integrate PressurePro's tire pressure information into their solution.

The new EcoTire solution from CMS SupaTrak uses PressurePro's sensors, which are fitted to the vehicle's tires, measuring their pressure and temperature in real time. This data is then transmitted and recorded by the CMS SupaTrak's EcoTrak telematics solution integrated with PressurePro technology.

Drivers are then able to view the live data using an in-vehicle display unit, as well as fleet managers being able to access the data through the EcoTrak Web-based reporting suite.

Adding to the safety benefits of the EcoTire system, alerts can be sent to both the driver and relevant managers if there is an incidence of over or under inflation. These alerts will be shown on the display unit, and can also be sent by text message or email.

"The waste industry has an inherent link to the environment and we see the provision of integrated tire pressure information as fundamental to the efficient, green and safe operation of a fleet" said Andrew Yeoman, CEO of Concirrus.