The Transportation Intermediaries Association announced that England Logistics Inc. is the recipient of the 2012 TIA 3PL Samaritan Award.

"England Logistics understands the role it plays in creating a more livable, fair, and equitable social environment," says the TIA announcement. "They strive to leave a positive footprint in the areas they serve and this is recognized and championed by the employees and company as a whole."

England Logistics, through its own efforts and in conjunction with its parent company C.R. England, is able to provide weekly contributions to the greater community through tangible and intangible activities. England Logistics' community service extends throughout all its major markets and often many smaller ones as well. The acts of kindness displayed by the people at England Logistics are done as philanthropic acts by the individuals and organization alike.

Last year, England Logistics and C.R. England together donated more than $500,000 to local charities. They donated hours of service that were not tracked but if they were, that number would be significant as well. More than 100 charities and groups, both local and national, were the beneficiaries of the generosity of England Logistics and not all were listed in England's application.

"The TIA Foundation received more than a dozen nominations for the 2012 award and these nominations detailed the amazing contributions made by TIA members," said Robert Voltmann, TIA's CEO and president. "This year's TIA 3PL Samaritan Award Recipient, England Logistics Inc. through the donation of time, talent and money has led by example. They don't just talk the talk; they 'walk the walk,'" Voltmann added.

The TIA 3PL Samaritan Award was presented Oct. 9 at the FIATA World Congress in Los Angeles, Calif. England Logistics has designated the Foundation for Children and Youth with Diabetes as the recipient of funds raised by the TIA Foundation Charity Fun Run at the 2013 TIA Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nev. April 10-13.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the good works in which the 3PL industry is engaged by highlighting a specific 3PL Samaritan effort each year. The recognized service or assistance can take any form from volunteering logistical support to providing manpower, resources, or financial support to others in need, sponsoring sporting events, providing scholarships, hiring disabled people or other types of community service.

For more information on all the nominees and nominees and their efforts, please visit the TIA website at TIA Samaritan Award a>.