The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists is conducting a Technical Training Clinic on Truck Chassis Frame Diagnostics, Analysis, and Gauging, on Nov. 13-14.

The classroom portion of the clinic will be held at the Hampton Inn, Moline, Ill. The demonstrations and hands-on portion will be held at Mutual Wheel Company, Milan, Ill. The Engstrom family of Mutual Wheel Company is the host of the clinic.

ACOFAS says this training can benefit:

- Alignment specialists, who too often spend hours attempting to correct a handling problem with no success because the frame is twisted or side-swayed.

- Suspension specialists, who often attempt to modify the suspension of a chassis because of a lean condition with no success.

- Insurance adjusters, who are often told by collision repair specialists that there is no damage to a chassis frame and later are contacted by the claimant that the truck has a severe handling problem. Often an insurance adjuster is charged for the straightening of chassis frame on a vehicle that has no frame damage.

- Truck owners who trucks involved in accidents that develop bad handling and tire wear problems after the vehicle has been repaired.

- Upfitters, who often attempt to install snow plows, liftgates, lift axles and bodies on chassis that have twisted frames and the accessory cannot be leveled.

For information regarding the clinic contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

The deadline to book the hotel is Oct. 22. The clinic registration deadline is Nov. 1.