HANOVER, Germany - Nissan unveiled the all-new 100% electric Panel Van version e-NV200 Concept, decorated with Nissan and FedEx graphics and logos, at the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicle International Motor Show in Hanover.

Nissan is in the final development phase of the e-NV200 compact van. This vehicle is envisaged for use as a delivery van. The company has been working with FedEx Express since December 2011 to test the e-NV200 in real world operations. (FedEx Express currently operates 130 all-electric vehicles worldwide.)

Nissan and FedEx Express engineers started working together in December 2011 by co-testing the e-NV200 prototype on the streets of London. The test recently expanded to Yokohama, Japan, in order to obtain additional real-world driving feedback. The feedback will help Nissan to meet customer requirements in advance of the start of production, expected to start in fiscal year 2013. Going forward, the proving tests will be expanded to the U.S. and other countries such as Singapore and Brazil.

The e-NV200 combines the powertrain of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF with all the the NV200 multi-purpose compact van.

With zero emissions, no tailpipe, and energy-recycling regenerative braking, e-NV200 will be particularly well-suited for urban environments. Regenerative braking affords the advantage of reclaiming energy in the start and stop of city traffic, reducing the wasteful loss of energy and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle's driveline. Battery charging options include a complete recharge overnight or up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes using a Quick Charger.

"The e-NV200 will offer all the spaciousness, versatility and practicality of a traditional diesel or gas-powered compact van, but with zero CO2 or other pollutant emissions at the point of use," said Hideto Murakami, corporate vice president, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

More info: http://www.env200.com/.