During National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week, the Truckload Carriers Association and state trucking associations will host health fairs and "celebrity walks" designed to get drivers exercising, eating better, and taking charge of their bodies.
These activities will take place at 12 TA/Petro locations across the U.S. from 3-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

It's no secret that truck driving involves a sedentary lifestyle, so TCA launched this initiative to encourage drivers to make healthier choices. The idea is to remove obstacles by offering activities that are conducive to life on the road. Fortunately, the association says, more and more inexpensive and flexible resources are becoming available to drivers; NTDAWW's health-oriented events will heighten awareness of some of the possibilities.

The activities will begin with health fairs conducted between 3-6 p.m. Various subject matter experts will be on hand to provide information on health-related issues, such as weight loss, nutrition, obesity, heart disease, and sleep apnea. They will also provide basic health services such as glucose testing.

During this time, drivers may wish to tour the StayFit gyms that are located on the properties. They can sample items from TA/Petro's StayFit menus and may also receive free, healthy snacks, such as apples.

After the health fairs end, drivers, fleet office workers, and trucking personalities (at some locations) will gather for 1- to 3-mile walks along the StayFit walking trail at each property.

Below is a partial list of participating truckstop locations and celebrities (where applicable). See www.DriverAppreciation.com for complete details.
- TA - West Memphis, Ark. - Homer Hogg, TA/Petro master technical trainer and voice of "Maintenance Matters," a segment aired during the "Dave Nemo Show" on SiriusXM
- TA - Ontario East, Calif. - John Ratzenberger, Hollywood actor best known for playing mail carrier Cliff Clavin on the sitcom "Cheers," and voice of TA Radio
- TA - Lodi, Ohio - Tom O'Brien, TA/Petro president & CEO, and Pete Thomas, NBC's "The Biggest Loser" Season 2 At-Home Winner
- Petro - Carlisle, Pa. - Jay Blake, blind professional drag race car owner and crew chief
- TA - Antioch, Tenn. - Lindsay Lawler, Nashville recording artist, and Dave Nemo, SiriusXM radio host
- TA - Rockwall, Texas - Glenn Keller, owner operator and one of only seven people selected to train for and compete in CNN's Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge

The health fairs and celebrity walks are part of a larger effort to help truck drivers embrace a healthier lifestyle in conjunction with NTDAWW. Another event, "Ditch the Pack" day, will take place Sept. 20 and is designed to encourage all trucking-affiliated smokers to reduce or give up the habit for at least 24 hours. The goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of quitting and to show support for those starting or continuing their smoke-free journey.

For a complete list of all NTDAWW activities taking place across North America, be sure to visit www.DriverAppreciation.com.