The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's cross-border trucking program with Mexico is up for a scheduled review by the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation.

The IG is required by law to make sure that inspectors are properly trained and that they can verify Mexican compliance with hours of service, registration and insurance requirements.

The audit also covers the agency's capacity at each border crossing and the adequacy of its database on Mexican safety performance.

In addition, the IG will focus on the agency's ability to perform bus inspections at border crossings.

News of the audit came in an
August 30 letter
from the IG to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro.

Under the cross-border program there are now six Mexican carriers approved for long-distance hauling into the U.S. Each is running one truck. The authority applications for an additional 14 carriers are under review, and applications from six others have been dismissed or withdrawn.