Acclaimed Movers & Storage of Simi Valley, Calif., runs its moving trucks on biodiesel fuel as part of its efforts to leave a smaller mark on the environment.

A moving company's trucks put on a lot of miles, the company notes. There is driving to pickups, drop-offs, and to the warehouse. That makes for a lot of fuel consumption and a lot of pollutants.

When biodiesel is used, however, that pollution can be cut down by as much as 80%, according to Acclaimed Movers & Storage.

The company says biodiesel produces less carbon dioxide emissions, a gas that is responsible for climate change, and reduces sulfur and hydrocarbon emissions, creating a cleaner atmosphere.

Another reason the company cites biodiesel as its preferred fuel is that biodiesel is made from plants that absorbed carbon dioxide before being converted to fuel. This means, in effect, the carbon dioxide levels cancel out, making for a much smaller net increase in the gas than if it was pumped out by use of conventional gasoline, says the company.