GreenMan Technologies Inc. has changed its name to American Power Group Corp.

The company's common shares now trade on the OTCQB under its new ticker symbol "APGI."

The name change is a reflection of the company's refined business strategy, which began with its acquisition of American Power Group Inc. in 2009, and its focus on providing a cost-effective patented Turbocharged Natural Gas conversion technology for aftermarket vehicular and stationary diesel engines.

"With our acquisition of American Power Group in July 2009, we shifted our Company focus to the commercialization and marketing of our patented dual fuel technology," explained President and CEO Lyle Jensen. "Since 2009, we've made great progress both internationally and domestically to increase the use of our dual fuel solution for vehicular and stationary applications and our company is now 100% dedicated to capitalizing on the growing demand for dual fuel options in the marketplace.

"With the growth of the APG brand, we thought it made sense to align the corporate name and operations, to enhance our market presence and customer recognition with the goal of continuing to build value for our shareholders."

All future business activity will be undertaken using the new name.