Cold Train is expanding its Washington-state-based refrigerated container fleet to 300 53-foot containers (all built by Hyundai), and will also be adding several new destinations this year.

In early 2010, Rail Logistics launched the "Cold Train" Pacific Northwest-Chicagoland Express
Refrigerated Intermodal Service in partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Port of Quincy in Washington. Since the Rail Logistics' Cold Train refrigerated expedited intermodal freight service was launched, it has grown rapidly with shippers in Washington state and the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, etc.), and shipments of Washington state fresh produce and frozen foods and vegetables on the Cold Train continue to grow at a fast pace, the company says.

In 2010, Cold Train shipped approximately 100 containers of perishable commodities per month from Washington to the Midwest. In 2011, the number of shipments increased to about 300 containers per month. In 2012, Cold Train is hauling close to 400 containers of fresh and frozen cargo per month to the Midwest. Cold Train projects it will be transporting more than 600 containers per month by year end.

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