Landstar System Inc., transportation and logistics services, paid tribute to the best and safest of Landstar's owner-operators at a brand new event this month. The Landstar BCO All-Star Weekend featured an exclusive second truck giveaway for 2012, plus an awards program
inducting 10 Landstar business capacity owners as Landstar Roadstars and 157 BCOs as Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers.

BCO is Landstar's term for the independent contractors who provide the company with transportation capacity under exclusive lease arrangements. This select group of BCOs was recognized during the weekend-long event held in Orlando, Fla., July 6 - 8 for their outstanding safety records and professionalism behind the wheel.

Collectively, these 157 BCOs have safely driven a total of 174 million miles - a distance that would cover the 4 million miles of public roads in the U.S. 44 times. On average, it takes a truck operator 10 years to travel a million miles. This distance would take the typical driver of a passenger vehicle 67 years - around the time of their 83rd birthday - to complete.

"Landstar Million Millers are committed to making the roads safer for us all, and for that, they deserve the highest of praise," says Landstar chairman, president and CEO Henry Gerkens. "We are especially proud to announce the induction of the company's third 4-million-mile safe driver, Ray Dillard."

Of the 699 total number of active Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers, 10 earned the distinction of becoming Landstar Roadstars. Roadstars are chosen for their consistently high levels of safety, productivity and excellent customer service. Each has also been previously recognized as a Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver. The addition of this class raises the total number of active Landstar Roadstars to 199 BCOs who have been honored since the company began presenting the award in 1990.

And for the first time ever awarded, one Roadstar earned the new Landstar BCO Lifetime Achievement Award - now the highest level of recognition a Landstar BCO can earn.

The award went to Scotty Collett, a Landstar 4 Million Mile Safe Driver who has been recognized for his professionalism many times over. In 2006, he was named National Safety Council Driver of the Year. In 2009, he was Overdrive's Trucker of the Month for July. Earlier this year, he received the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association 2011 Million Miler Award for Safety Excellence.

The weekend wrapped up once the winner of the Landstar/Peterbilt Giveaway truck was revealed Saturday evening. Each Landstar Million Miler and each Roadstar automatically received one entry. Those attending the Landstar BCO All-Star Weekend received an additional entry. During the events of the first evening, nine names were drawn. The list of entrants was narrowed to 5 during Saturday night's event, before one lucky BCO selected the winning truck keys from the 5 sets available.

"I won? I really won?" asked Harold Stewart, the shocked winner of the Landstar/Peterbilt Truck. "This just couldn't have come at a better time."