Dana Holding Corp. has further developed its digital strategy to help customers - both dealers and consumers - more easily locate and purchase Dana products.
Specifically, its aftermarket team has launched a redesigned Spicer parts website that connects to new specialty sites, as well as four social media channels.

The new website provides improved navigation for access to market-specific information for light-duty/automotive, commercial and off-highway vehicles, as well as additional key markets, including performance/specialty, military/defense, energy/gas/oil and industrial.

The site also features a direct-contact page that enables customers to speak directly with regional service representatives.

In addition to traditional online platforms, Dana customers now can connect with the Spicer brand and stay apprised of product announcements through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

"Dana is continuing to embrace digital communication technologies to make doing business with us easier for our customers," says Bill Gryzenia, Dana vice president and general manager for the aftermarket. "These improved websites and social media channels will help us answer the need for exceptional customer service, while serving as a more comprehensive, intuitive and accessible portal to Dana's market-leading, reliable Spicer parts."

Additionally, Dana's new specialty aftermarket sites include:

- Spicerratioflex.com: Designed to help dealers meet customer ratio requirements to close sales on stock vehicles that otherwise might be in jeopardy
- Splujoints.com: Created to help customers find the genuine Spicer Life Series Premium Performance U-joint that fits their application
- Crateaxle.com: Developed as a guide to genuine, out-of-the-crate Dana axles with housings, gears, bearings and axle shafts.