Cascade Sierra Solutions has achieved a significant milestone in its drive to reduce emissions and idling as part of the Port of LA and the Port of Long Beach Clean Air Initiative.

Jeff Johns, trucking manager for CSS, says, "To date, we've deployed more than 1,000 Webtech Wireless units that employ the Quadrant solution to monitor and measure the reduction of idling of the port trucks we've replaced as part of our clean-air efforts in Southern California. Using this tool has given us the ability to more accurately analyze truck location and activity, which is critical to demonstrating the effectiveness of the port programs in the improvement of air quality. In fact, as of 2010, there was 50% less elemental carbon-an indicator of diesel particulate matter-in the nearby town of Wilmington as compared to 2006.

"Working with Webtech Wireless," Johns continues, "we've been able to expand to other port projects on the east and west coasts, making the product activation, provisioning, and installation just as seamless as it was on our original project. We provide the same reliable solution installed at any of our locations using Webtech Wireless' Vendor Managed Inventory program."

Cascade Sierra Solutions has worked with Webtech Wireless on feature development, which enables them to support their reporting and legislative requirements. Individual trucking companies can use Quadrant un-impeded, using the fleet management and HOS functionality for their particular fleets only. This highlights the highly developed and unique capabilities within Quadrant to build organizational hierarchies, in order to support various organizations different departmental access and reporting needs.

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