A trucker who was honored earlier this year as the Goodyear Highway Hero for his actions in saving a woman from a gun-wielding boyfriend has been honored again, this time by the Pennsylvania State Police.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association reported that member Mike Schiotis of Spring Hill, Tenn., received the Outstanding Citizen Award earlier this month.

"This award is presented to other individuals and organizations that have assisted the department in providing a significant service to the Commonwealth," said Diana M. Bates, assistant press secretary for the Office of the Commissioner, Pennsylvania State Police, in a statement. "The action must have involved a substantial risk of serious injury or loss of life to the recipient."

On Nov. 1, 2011, Schiotis, a Tennessee owner-operator leased to Panther Expedited Services Inc., of Seville, Ohio, was driving through Pennsylvania when he noticed two cars on the side of the interstate, moved over to the left lane, and slowed down for what he thought was an accident.

However, when he heard a woman's screams for help, Schiotis stopped and jumped out of his truck cab. He was able to get Anna Trently away from her ex-boyfriend, get her in his truck and away from the scene. The ex-boyfriend followed in his car. Schiotis and another truck driver made a rolling roadblock until Pennsylvania state troopers were able to stop him.

In March, Schiotis was honored as the Goodyear Highway Hero.