The Transport Women Australia LTD annual conference in September in Melbourne, Australia, will include an international perspective from Women In Trucking Association's President and CEO, Ellen Voie.

Voie was invited to speak by Pam McMillan, chairwoman of the organization, who says the relationship will be beneficial for both organizations, "for us to have an international speaker and for you (WIT) to show how your influence has spread on an international basis."

Transport Women Australia LTD was formed in 2000 to promote the contribution women make to the industry and to pursue their right for input in transportation related issues and policies. The organization offers scholarships and seminars and conducts research to benefit small trucking operations. In addition, the group meets with government officials regarding issues and research findings to promote transportation development across Australia.

Voie's presentation will provide an international perspective to the attendees and will highlight the success of the Women In Trucking Association in the U.S., where women make up 5% of the driving population. Australia, which has approximately 400,000 heavy trucks (according to the Australian Census Bureau) is a more rugged environment for women who choose trucking as a career.

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