The California Construction Trucking Association has added Joe Rajkovacz, former OOIDA director of regulatory affairs, to its staff. Rajkovacz will lead the expansion of the association to include owner-operators and motor carriers operating in interstate commerce.

The new conference of the CCTA, the Western Trucking Alliance, will build on the association's 71-year history representing small-business vocational trucking.

Rajkovacz's background spans 35 years of trucking involvement and includes 29 years as both a driver and owner-operator. He has extensive experience working with government agencies and organizations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, California Air Resources Board, Environmental Protection Agency and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

"Mr. Rajkovacz's diverse background in the trucking industry will aid CCTA expansion to a significantly under-represented population of small-businesses," says Lee Brown, CCTA executive director. "Many owner-operators and small fleets face the specter of having to replace their equipment or invest in technology costing more than the value of their truck, all for no net environmental or public health benefit."