Calhoun Truck Lines is the new name of the Midwest-based intermodal trucking company formerly known as Universal Transportation Services.

Calhoun Truck Lines is certified to run in all 48 states with a regional focus in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. The company will continue to operate with the same ownership and service.

"We've decided to change our name to Calhoun Truck Lines due to some confusion in the marketplace between our company and a competitor with a similar name," says President Brent Bois.

The company's current name, Motor Carrier number and Standard Alpha Carrier Code code will remain in place during this transition to doing business as Calhoun Truck Lines. However, the SACC will change at some point in the middle of June. Customers and other connected parties will be informed of the new number at that time.

Calhoun Truck Lines was named in part after Calhoun Lake, the well-known lake in the Minneapolis region. The company supplies intermodal trucking services throughout the Midwest from its four trucking operations in Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and Omaha.

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