Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is a finalist for both national and regional awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors for its 2012 Azbee Awards:

The finalists, all for content that ran in 2011, were as follows:

National Finalist
Feature Series
The Coming Driver Shortage
Jim Park, equipment editor, Deborah Lockridge, editor in chief, and Oliver B. Patton, Washington editor

Regional Finalist
Editorial/Editor's Letter
Deborah Lockridge

Regional Finalist
How-To Article
9 Ways to Keep Cargo Safe & Secure
Deborah Lockridge

Regional Finalist
Feature Article
Drug Testing: A Better Way?
Tom Nunlist, associate editor (Nunlist is no longer with the company)

The Azbee Awards recognize outstanding work by magazines, newsletters, and digital media. Winners will be announced at regional and national awards ceremonies in July and August.