Trincon Group, a transportation industry advisory firm, released a series of five educational webinars to address the most pervasive issues affecting the trucking industry today-driver recruitment, retention and increasing costs.

The five webinars are: "Improving Operational Productivity and Operating Profit," "Driver Development & Retention," "New Approaches to Incentive & Productivity Based Compensation,"
"Improved Profitability through Activity Based Costing," and "New Strategies for Business Development."

The series explores new approaches to develop a driver career path within an individual company or the industry. It also focuses on how to absorb the increased driver, fuel, infrastructure and operating costs in the future through increased truck productivity. The programs on costing and truck productivity show how the industry can create additional profits that can be defined, priced and measured with an activity based costing methodology.

"We continue to see companies fighting the same battles of cost containment, recruiting and retaining a viable workforce," says Trincon President Duff H. Swain. "Companies that wish to be successful in the future must begin viewing drivers and increased truck productivity differently. The two together are the only answer to absorbing the ongoing increases in operating costs facing the industry."

The webinars take place once a month. The next three programs are scheduled for June 19 (New Approaches to Incentive Based Compensation), July 19 (Activity Based Costing) and August 23 (New Strategies for Marketing and Business Development). Upon completion, the series will be repeated starting in October.

Attendees will receive usable tools as part of the program. These include items such as a manual on activity based costing, an "Excel-based productivity model that can be adapted to fit a specific company, models for productivity-based incentive pay and data on how to create a driver career path.

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