Navistar Inc. is acquiring certain assets of E-Z Pack Manufacturing, including intellectual property. The announcement was made at Waste Expo 2012, North America's largest solid waste and recycling industry trade show. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

E-Z Pack President Greg Podell says he expects E-Z Pack to continue to operate in a normal business manner throughout a transition period. "We will continue to build, market, sell and support our traditional chassis-agnostic product lines, including our full line of quality Hercules front loaders and automated side loaders, and our Goliath rear loaders. We will also support the integrated cab-chassis-body product line from Navistar."

Podell noted that the E-Z Pack manufacturing plant in Cynthiana, Ky., will continue building and mounting refuse truck bodies on all chassis by OEMs throughout the transition period.

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