The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is conducting research to determine whether onboard monitoring systems will improve driver safety performance and reduce risky driving behavior. The agency is hosting a webinar on May 9 to discuss the details of the study for carriers that would like to participate.

In exchange for participation in this 270-Truck Onboard Monitoring Field Operational Test, the carrier will be able to use the technology and the onboard monitoring system in its vehicles for up to 18 months.

The integrated safety technologies and applications used in this project include driver behavior monitoring, lane/roadway departure warning, forward collision warning, fatigue monitoring, alcohol detection, automatic onboard recording of driver logs and continuous naturalistic data collection.

The ideal candidate for this FOT is a safety-minded carrier with an active safety program that performs more long-haul than short-haul operations and has one terminal where 50 to 100 trucks could be equipped with the system. Carriers that have already deployed some form of driver behavior monitoring system, lane/roadway departure warning system, forward collision warning system, alcohol detection device or automatic onboard recording system in all their vehicles would not be the best candidates.

The webinar will be delivered on May 9 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. To register, go to