Following a 35% increase in container drayage shipments nationwide during the first quarter of 2012, Old Dominion Freight Line opened its second container drayage facility in California.

The company's Oakland Container Drayage Operation will directly serve all ports, rail heads and container yards in California, including the Port of Oakland, the nation's fourth-busiest container port, which loads and discharges more than 99% of containerized goods that move through the region.

"Co-located with our San Francisco Service Center, the Oakland Container Drayage Operation will strengthen our network in California, which includes a container drayage facility in Los Angeles and 12 less-than-truckload service centers across the state," says Wayne Bersch, director of container operations for Old Dominion. "Ports in California play a critical role in international trade. The expansion of our container drayage division along the West Coast will help us better serve our customers who ship both globally and domestically."

Old Dominion's container drayage division has seen strong growth over the past two years, including a 19% increase in container drayage shipments in 2011 and a 35% increase in shipments in 2010. Earlier this year, the company opened its first container drayage facility in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, the company opened container drayage operations Memphis, Tenn., Mobile, Ala., and Baltimore.