The Truckload Carriers Association's board of directors this week approved a policy supporting a federal mandate of speed limiters on commercial trucks that would not allow them to exceed 65 mph.

TCA President Chris Burruss, in announcing the decision at TCA's annual convention in Orlando, Fla., acknowledged that not all members would agree with this policy.

"I believe it presents an opportunity for our industry to increase our visibility in a positive way," Burruss said. Quoting outgoing TCA Chairman Gary Salisbury from a speech earlier in the week, Burruss said, "We have to step up or we have to shut up. Always remember that public opinon drives public policy.

"While I belive we are on the right side with this policy, I believe we are only part of that solution," Burruss continued. "I believe part of the opportunity this presents is to ... go on the offensive and say we are not only concerned about highway safety, we are going to do something about it."

Burruss said there was an opportunity to challenge other groups that say they are committed to safety to step up as well, such as calling on AAA to support a similar mandate for personal vehicles.