Boyd Intermodal this week unveiled a new intermodal innovation allowing double-stacking of flatbed freight on the rails.

The Boyd Intermodal Raildeck was developed in conjunction with Raildecks Intermodal and BNSF Railway. It converts flatbed industrial cargo from over-the-road to intermodal rail in a safe and secure process.

"This new product provides a means of transporting flatbed products over intermodal rail routes nationwide, which until now wasn't possible," said Richard Bailey, president of Boyd Bros. Transportation, Birmingham, Ala. "This is a game-changer for our industry."

In the past, flatbed shippers were unable to take advantage of the efficiency offered by intermodal stack train service. Boyd Intermodal Raildecks are an open top flatbed unit that is transported over short distances via highway, on a chassis. Once inside an intermodal yard, the flatbed unit is lifted onto intermodal trains for transport to an intermodal hub where it is loaded onto a chassis and drayed to the final consignee.

"Before this product, most of the heaviest bulk loads of steel and other metals had to travel over the highways," explained said Chris Cooper, chief operations officer for Boyd Bros. "Now, flatbed trailer loads will be accepted on the rail system."