More than two years after Tulsa, Okla.-based Arrow Trucking closed down and left drivers stranded right before Christmas, the tale of the fleet's bankruptcy has come to a close.

The Tulsa World reports that bankruptcy trustee Patrick J. Malloy III filed his final report in the Chapter 7 liquidation Wednesday.

His final report lists "realized gross receipts" of $6.28 million from identified company assets and through lawsuits filed against creditors and insiders by the trustee. The disbursements from estate assets included $4.18 million in distributions to former employees who filed wage and employment law violation claims.

The millions of dollars of unpaid taxes owed by Arrow to the state of Oklahoma and the Internal Revenue Service will go unpaid, Malloy told the paper, saying there's simply no money left.

Arrow's records were reportedly a mess after it closed its doors in December 2009, with Malloy telling the World that it took four months just to reconstruct the company's financial records.