FleetPride, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Greeley Truck Parts of Greeley, Colo.

In operation since 1995, Greeley Truck Parts had built a successful business servicing agricultural, oil and gas, and trucking companies in Eastern Colorado and the Northern Front Range corridor. Founders Kevin and Deborah Hieb will stay on, with Kevin as Branch Manager.

"We're excited about Kevin and his team joining the FleetPride network," said Lee Stockseth, FleetPride's Chief Operating Officer. "With FleetPride's broader product offering, including hard-to-find and specialty parts, as well as our nationwide delivery network, we are ready and committed to provide the same customer-focused service Greeley's loyal customers have come to expect."

"Greeley has a thriving beef production industry as well as rapidly expanding food service and oil and gas industries -- all of which depend on the heavy-duty trucking industry to transport their goods across the U.S. Previously, FleetPride was servicing Greeley from our Commerce City/Denver location. Now we will have a key distribution point strategically located to more effectively service this growing market," explained Stockseth.

"Greeley Truck Parts fits perfectly into FleetPride's long-term growth plan which is focused on organic growth and strategic acquisitions," said W.M. McGee, FleetPride President and CEO. "We are constantly looking for successful and well-respected independent operators, and Greeley Truck Parts is an excellent example."

With the addition of Greeley, FleetPride will now have over 220 locations in 40 states and we will continue to expand as opportunities present themselves. Greeley Truck Parts is located at 2308 1st Avenue Ct. #4 in Weld County, Colo.