CK Commercial Vehicle Research surveyed 64 representative small, medium and large for-hire as well as private and government fleets for its 2011 annual fleet study.

The fleets surveyed operate 101,000 Class 8 and 70,000 medium-duty power units. The survey found that 84% of those operating Class 8 vehicles and 33% operating medium duty vehicles intend to purchase new equipment in 2012. The average order size equates to 16% of current fleet population for both Class 8 and medium duty orders. Additionally, one in four fleets indicated they plan to add some capacity with new equipment in the coming year.

In addition to planned equipment demand for next year, the respondents also answered questions about equipment and engine choices for 2012, new specifications and technology, maintenance sourcing and CSA effect, and the major challenges they expect to face in the coming year.

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