The DEF Tracker draws on Integer's strong position and expertise in DEF, fertilizer and chemicals market analysis and price reporting. DEF Tracker, the first report of its kind, was created in response to increasing trading activity and more frequent contract settlements in the market.

The North American DEF sector has evolved quickly since the beginning of 2010 and has switched from quarterly to monthly price announcements, resulting in a more liquid and volatile market. Integer's experience of tracking DEF is built on strong ties with large, medium and smaller market players, establishing a dialogue with a large number of market participants at every stage of the supply chain and with end users. This has enabled Integer's editors and reporters to develop a full understanding of pricing.

DEF Tracker price benchmarks the key Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the USA and Canada, as defined by the US Census Bureau. The pilot issue covers Houston, New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Integer will report end-user Truckload and Less-than-Truckload and tote refill prices for all these metros, following a rigorous methodology. The company launch new price references as soon as sufficient data becomes available that updated pump pricing in every U.S. state and Canadian province every month. As well, it average the prices out across states and provinces, and report the number of locations in each state and province.

Integer's experience and extensive specialist work as a leading consultancy in the global urea market (both fertilizer and industrial end-uses) gives it a unique viewpoint on urea feedstock pricing. Interger will soon introduce a NOLA urea reference price in the DEF Tracker providing a benchmark price that will be useful for suppliers and buyers in their contractual negotiations.

The pilot issue of DEF Tracker can be downloaded here after filling out a registration form. Or, email