Conference organizers have officially opened distributor registration for the One-on-One meetings segment of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week'12. The one-on-One meetings will take place January 25-26, and more than 100 suppliers have already committed to participate.

Last year's event facilitated more than 1,600, pre-scheduled meetings between suppliers and distributors. The One-on-One meeting segment is a unique feature of HDAW that greatly enhances the distributor experience with current and potential suppliers, by allowing them the opportunity to meet, network and observe the products available to them.

Each meeting is prescheduled electronically, paring mutual and distributor-based requests, in order to generate unbiased matching, while also ensuring that the distributors' interests are prioritized. Distributors are encouraged to bring more than one team in order to obtain the maximum benefits of participating in the One-on-One meeting program.

Participation in the One-on-One business meetings is limited to registered distributor companies, who are members of at least one of the 14 sponsoring or affiliated organizations, and exhibiting manufacturers. Registration for the HDAW'12 One-on-One meetings can be completed on the HDAW website under the distributor tab. Distributors must submit their selection sheets and sign up forms no later than Tuesday, November 1st, 2011.

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