The walk-in vans used during the driver safety and skills competition were provided Morgan Olson. Considered the "Super Bowl of Safety," the competition is open to step van drivers in any industry.

The National Step Van Driving Championship contestants are state champions from all 50 states. States send winners from each class of competition from 18-wheeled five-axle sleepers to tank trucks to twin trailers and straight trucks. There are eight competing classes in all, with an affiliated competition for step vans.

The National Step Van Driving Championships drivers take a written exam, conduct a pre-trip inspection within a six-minute time limit, and maneuver through a skills course within an eight-minute time limit.

The 19th annual North American Inspectors Championship took place alongside the NSVDC Championships in Orlando and they too chose Morgan Olson as their vehicle of choice for the step van portion of their competition.

"We are flattered to have our vehicles selected for these national safety competitions," said Keith Arenz, vice president of sales and marketing for Morgan Olson. "Morgan Olson provides safe, driver preferred, long-life vehicles for all vocational uses."

"We selected Morgan Olson after careful consideration and the vehicles provided our drivers with superior performance for our competition," said Susan Chandler, director of the event. "We are looking to expand our competition to other Step Van industries and I invite anyone interested to contact me directly for more information," added Chandler.