Third-party logistics provider Performance Team opened five new locations in three states, adding 1.5 million square feet of new distribution space.
The new Redlands, Calif., Performance Team facility.
The new Redlands, Calif., Performance Team facility.

These locations will allow the company to implement more efficient and eco-friendly business practices, in addition to providing clients with swift and effective service and additional transportation and distribution solutions to the surrounding areas.

The new locations are:
* Redlands, Calif: 259,000 square feet
* Fontana, Calif.: 403,000 square feet
* Charlotte, N.C.: two locations, 333,000 and 180,000 square feet
* Shreveport, La.: 163,000 square feet

Performance Team has expanded its full scope of services to these new locations. This includes distribution services such as store deliveries, bulk shipping, order fulfillment, garment on hanger distribution, retail consolidation, transload service, cross docking and replenishment services to support retailers, importers and manufacturers of hard and soft goods.